Discovery Dome Systems

Can a Discovery Dome system be used outdoors?

It is not recommended to set up a dome outdoors. There are no anchor points to secure the dome in place and wind gusts can cause the dome to move. Also, rain could potential cause water stains to develop on the interior surface. However, that being said, our Discovery Dome has been used with great success at many outdoor events in good weather, including on the White House lawn.

Can I play any DVD on the system?

Yes, however a standard 2D video was not produced to be shown in a fulldome theater so the image will be distorted when projected 360° in a dome. But by reducing the size of the playback window on the system computer, a very large image can be shown on the front –center portion of the dome without distortion. This also works for real time internet connections such as NASA broadcasts.

Do you offer an astronomy curriculum with your system?

YES! a 102-page manual comes with Stellarium with many activities.  Most of our shows come with educator guides.  And each dome system comes with a free copy of Space Update, our excellent museum display kiosk software that also has activities.  In addition, we have created FREE animations on the upcoming solar eclipse (link).  OPTIONAL with each system are educational clips on the phases of the moon, the tides, the seasons, created by Starlight productions ($600 for 3, $1050 for 6).

Do you help write grants to get funding for a system?

We can and will provide supporting data to include in your grant proposals but we do not actually provide assistance or have a template to follow.

Do you offer a payment plan?

No, however we do have contacts at a major national bank that could provide a loan.

Where can I see a dome system in operation?

We exhibit at numerous educational and industry trade conferences throughout the year and we can make arrangements to have you visit us at these shows. We occasionally conduct on-site demonstrations if there is a high likelihood of a system sale. It is best to contact our sales staff to explore the options.

Discovery Domes

Are Discovery Domes fireproof?

Our portable, inflatable Go-Domes™ conform to the highest U.S. standards possible for fire retardancy. The flame resistance certificate is available to read and download.

How many people are required to setup or break down a Discovery Dome?

Our portable, inflatable Go-Domes™ can be setup and taken down by a single person. Weights vary according to size and cloth type.

How long does it take to setup or break down a Discovery Domes system?

Set up time for a portable planetarium system is ~30-45 minutes. It takes ~20-30 minutes to take it down.

How tall are Discovery Domes?

Dome height depends on the diameter and the number of rings. See our product pages for Standard Go-Domes™, 2-Tube Go-Domes™, 5-Tube Go-Domes

How many people can fit in a dome?

Body size determines the audience capacity. In a 5 meter dome 35 second-grade students can comfortable fit inside; 45 in a 6 meter dome.

How much does the dome weigh?

We believe the Discovery Dome can easily be set up by one person, however the dome is the heaviest component. To avoid back injuries when loading and unloading the dome from a vehicle, it is recommended that the operator ask for assistance. The various sizes and weights of our domes are listed on the dome specification page.


Does MediaShow require a dual-screen or mirroring setup?

Either - your choice! MediaShow runs on either as a dual-screen setup with computer and projector or a single-screen computer setup mirroring to a projector.

Can MediaShow run on a touchscreen?

Yes, MediaShow can be used with a touchscreen.

Can MediaShow be used for normal (non-warped) content?

Yes. Non-warped content can be shown on the dome if you use the bump and zoom features of MediaShow to center your content on the front-lower portion of the dome to bounce off the flat part of the mirror. You can leave the background as black or use MediaShow to add a custom background image to display behind your media file. Examples are included in the installation sample buttonset.

Does MediaShow warp fisheye content in real-time?

No, MediaShow doesn't but FishTank does. Both are included in all full ePlanetarium systems

Space Update

An FAQ for our Space Update software is online at