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A Content Management Software for Immersive Dome Theaters

MediaShow is an elegant, easy-to-use software suite that lets you customize your planetarium shows. You create buttons that let you play an entire show, or just a portion of a show. Or create buttons with an images or image sequences. If a sequence, you can specify the maximum time each image shows (or jump ahead with the arrow key), and can specify a sound file to play with your image sequence, making your own easy, customizable show! If you have a movie that isn't a fulldome format, you can specify to play the show on just a portion of the dome, to minimize distortion, and specify a background image to cover the rest of the dome. MediaShow runs on both Mac's and PC's and comes with all Discovery Dome packages. It can zoom and rotate images on the dome "on the fly". There is a full VCR-type movie control, as well as sound level by slider or keystroke. It also has a kiosk mode to control content on a normal projection system or as a museum exhibit. run on a touchscreen.

Buttons can allow the user to show just a piece of the show or a complete show. By using "autoplay" , a user can put together their own custom show by using clips from shows and NASA images in any order or timing sequence, allowing a very simple show scripting language. MediaSHOW can also launch other programs (e.g. Stellarium or WorldWide Telescope), automatically going to the background.

NEW! movie-in-picture mode for showing movies smaller inside the projector window - specify a background picture and show your movie inside that picture. (Great if you want to show a movie that wasn't designed for fulldome).

There is even provision for multiple operators. Each user can program and save their customed sets of buttons without re-saving the shows.

And MediaShow is the ONLY planetarium software that allows closed-captioning on demand!

Single-Screen ("mirror") version of MediaShow" is also available for laptop users or those using mirror technology - provided free with the "Pro" version or available separately for less cost.

Download or Purchase from spaceupdate.com

MediaShow screenshots: