A completely original Clark Planetarium production, Black Holes takes you on a journey through one of the most mystifying, awe-inspiring phenomena in the universe: a black hole. Where do they come from? Where do they go? How do we find them? Is there one on Earth's horizon? Using the latest in full-dome, 3D animation visualization technology.

Narrated by actor John de Lancie ("Q" in the Star Trek : The Next Generation TV series), this space adventure features rich, expansive panoramas and incorporates several of the latest scientific theories about how black holes are formed and where they are hiding now.

Witness the bending of light, the skewing of perception, and the dizzying descent into a black hole. This show incorporates some of the most visually stunning three-dimensional effects ever created for the planetarium. Add to that a sound effects track and 5.1 surround sound mix by George Lucas' Skywalker Sound Studios and you have an incredible sensory experience.

Two versions to choose from: The full-length 37-minute program or a specially edited 23-minute version.

Written by: Martin Ratcliffe and Mike Murray
Narrated by: John de Lancie
Sound Effects and Surround Sound Mix by: Skywalker Sound

Produced by the Clark Planetarium


history, astronomy, earth

general audiences, grades 3+

23 min



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