Long before dinosaurs' massive extinction 65 million years ago, many individual species simply disappeared. Visit dinosaur graveyards, study their bones, and reconstruct how these creatures lived and died to solve four famous cold cases from the age of the dinosaurs in DINOSAUR PROPHECY.

"Today we are learning to cope with extreme weather, from Category Five hurricanes to devastating tsunamis," said Dr. Carolyn Sumners, director of the Houston Museum of Natural Science's Burke Baker Planetarium. "The Dinosaur Prophecy examines the deaths of these dominant and ferocious creatures, which tell of the Earth's enormous power and potential for dramatic and devastating change. Each disaster that affected the dinosaurs is a warning for human survival."

Never before have so many types of dinosaurs come to life in full-dome immersive reality.

Viewers discover the lives of multiple species of dinosaurs, from the Coelophysis of 205 million years ago to the Allosaurus and Diplodocus of the mid-Jurassic period.

Viewers will also see the feathered Sinornithosaurus of China and the T. rex and Triceratops that survived and thrived until the final extinction of all dinosaurs 65 million years ago.

The planetarium show DINOSAUR PROPHECY is a co-production of the Rice Space Institute and the Houston Museum of Natural Science, funded by NASA's Office of Earth Science under the "Immersive Earth" project, NASA cooperative agreement NCC5-316. Other production partners include Home Run Pictures and the Carnegie Museum of Natural History.

Music & Score by Shai Fishman -
Sound effects and post production: Fish-i Studios -


biology, earth science, history

general audiences, grades 2-8

21 min


English, Korean, Mandarin, Spanish, Turkish


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