ARCS TO AURORAS demonstrates how the Earth's magnetic field protects our planet from energetic particles from the Sun and galaxy, and how the magnetic field also protects the water in our atmosphere from being swept away by the solar wind.  It shows the first aurora seen simultaneously from the ground and from the ISS, and tells about the MMS mission (Magnetospheric Multiscale) and its quest to understand the magnetic connection between the Earth and the Sun. It gives the history and legends of the aurora, and explains the rays, folds, and curtains. It also explains how scientists use the colors of the aurora to understand the energy of the particles that create it.

Music & Score by Shai Fishman -
Sound effects and post production: Fish-i Studios -

ARCS TO AURORAS is produced in collaboration with the Houston Museum of Natural Science, Rice University, and Evans & Sutherland.

ARCS TO AURORAS is also available with a different title MAGNETISM, which may be more appealing to schools.


magnetism, magnetic fields, magnetospheres, space weather, auroras

general audiences, grades 4+

23 min



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