Planetarium Shows

ePlanetarium offers planetarium shows for sale on our secure sales site located at Purchasers of Discovery Dome projection equipment from ePlanetarium get substantial discounts under the listed show prices! Also, shows from many other producers are available for the Discovery Dome, and in many languages.

All shows are available as dome masters for large theaters, or fisheye movies (for fisheye systems), or prewarped movies (for mirror systems), in resolutions for most theaters. Preview movies posted here are low-resolution, prewarped, to allow a full-length preview but not at a high enough quality for public showing. Contact us for licensing information for theaters large, small, and portable. We also sell high quality DVDs of the cropped versions for private or school viewing

The currently available Discovery Dome planetarium shows are...

Amazing Astronomers of Antiquity

Body Code

Dinosaur Prophecy

Earth's Wild Ride

Fantasy Worlds

Fate Of The Maya

Force Five

Future Moon

The Great Planet Adventures

Happy Birthday From The Stars

Ice Worlds 2010


Impact Earth

It's About Time

Lucy's Cradle


Night Of The Titanic

Saturn The Ring World 2

The Search For Life In The Universe

Secrets Of The Dead Sea

Star Of Bethlehem

We Choose Space


NOTE: Not all rental locations will have all shows available. Shows subject to change. Please check back often for new listings!

We also distribute the following shows from other producers...

Astronomy: 3000 Years Of Stargazing

Back To The Moon For Good

The Birth Of The Solar System

Black Holes

Chronicle Of A Journey To Earth

Climate Change - What Future Are We Facing?

Dark Side Of The Moon

Dawn Of The Space Age

Earthquake - Evidence of a Restless Planet

Extrasolar Planets - Discovering New Worlds

Flight Adventures

From The Earth To The Universe

Habitat Earth

IBEX: Search for the Edge of the Solar System

Kaluoko'hina The Enchanted Reef

Leo And Art

Life Of Trees

Losing The Dark



Natural Selection

New Horizons For A Little Planet

One World, One Sky: Big Bird's Adventure

Realm Of Light | Realm Of Light (DMNS)

Secret Of The Cardboard Rocket

Secrets Of The Sun

Two Small Pieces Of Glass

The Wall

Wildest Weather In The Solar System

Wish You Were Here