Software Pricing






Fishtank Play fisheye and prewarped content and fulldome games Omnifocus or Mirror $150 Pre-installed
MediaSHOW Pro Planetarium Show and Image Management Software Omnifocus or Mirror INCLUDED in package price Pre-installed
MediaShow Mirror Mirror (Lite) version of MediaSHOW Omnifocus or Mirror $500 Pre-installed
Stellarium Planetarium Simulation ALL FREE Pre-installed
WorldWide Telescope Simulation Software - fly through the solar system and far out to see all the known galaxies All FREE (license for non-profits only) Pre-installed on PC systems
Celestia Solar System Simulation Software All FREE Pre-installed on Mac systems (unsupported)
Warp Player On the Fly Warping Software Mirror systems (Mac only) $90 Available
SkyX Theater Suite Software Bisque's professional sky program Omnifocus or mirror $2500 Available
MediaWarp 3D Content manager for 2D and 3D content mirror $995 for less than 7m domes Available

NOTE: MediaSHOW, plus Stellarium and WorldWide Telescope (PC) or Celestia (Mac), is included and pre-loaded in our standard package. MediaSHOW (for the omnifocus fisheyes and our Newtonian systems) allows projection of any fisheye image or movie. MediaSHOW additionally allows zooming and rotating images during playback, and creating buttons to show clips from movies with any start and stop time without requiring editing (and saving a separate copy) of the underlying movies. MediaSHOW can also show non-fulldome content in the front center of the dome - allowing you to show regular movies in your dome setting! MediaSHOW can run on Windows or Macs (except Lion. Either can run your show from a laptop, for ease of setup and use! Omnifocus systems can immediately put any fisheye application or movie onto the dome; "warpplayer" is software for warping in real time for mirror systems on Macs. However, for our Newtonians, we recommend pre-warped shows for the best possible resolution and performance. For large fixed planetariums we recommend SkyX Theater Suite from Software Bisque.