Next Generation Science Standards
Middle School (6-8) Physical Sciences

  Amazing Astronomers of Antiquity Body Code Dinosaur Prophecy Earth's Wild Ride Force Five The Great Planet Adventures Ice Worlds Impact! Impact Earth It's About Time Lucy's Cradle Mayan Prophecies Night of the Titanic The Search for Life in the Universe Secrets of the Dead Sea We Choose Space! X-Planets
MS-PS1 Matter and Its Interactions
MS-PS1-1   PF               SF       PF      
MS-PS1-2                           AM      
MS-PS1-4   PF     PF     SF           PF      
MS-PS1-5   AM                              
MS-PS1-6   AM                              
MS-PS2 Motion and Stability: Forces and Interactions
MS-PS2-1       SF SF     PF PF       SF SF   PF  
MS-PS2-2 SF   AM     SF   PF PF SF AM   SF SF   PF SF
MS-PS2-3         PF       PF SF              
MS-PS2-4 AM   SF SF       PF PF   PF     PF   PF PF
MS-PS2-5 AM   AM AM PF     AM PF SF AM     PF   SF PF
MS-PS3 Energy
MS-PS3-1   AM           SF PF                
MS-PS3-2         SF       SF                
MS-PS3-3   SF     SF       SF               SF
MS-PS3-4   SF     AM     AM PF         SF     AM
MS-PS3-5   SF   AM AM     PF PF       AM SF      
MS-PS4 Waves and Their Applications in Technologies for Information Transfer
MS-PS4-2   AM         PF                    
MS-PS4-3   AM       SF                      


PF Primary Focus: Indicates that the show aligns fully and/or fully covers the scientific principle within the specific standard.
SF Secondary Focus: Indicates that the context of the show vs. the standard does not fully align. The scientific principle within the specific standard is discussed and the show provides the student with valuable information or visualization that will help them complete the standard, however the student may not be directed to perform the same task that is outlined in the standard.
AM Ancillary Material: Indicates standard that is not explicitly discussed or shown but can be inferred by the viewer through either prior knowledge that relates to the show topics or new knowledge gained through watching the show.
Additional information on criteria used to align each standard can be found at: