2-Ring Go-Dome™

The 2-Ring Go-Dome™ offers a higher spring line (horizon) that allows images to be projected above the heads of taller students and adults and offers more stability in open settings. The 2-Ring dome is useful in protected outdoor environments where light winds could interfere with the dome's stability. Ring domes have slightly larger seating area than non-ring domes of the same diameter.

Domes are available in two colors: Dark Blue and Black.

Dome Size 4 Meter 5 Meter 6 Meter 7 Meter 8 Meter
Height (ft.) 8.7 10.4 12 13.7 15.3
Diameter (ft.) 15.8 19.1 22.4 25.6 28.9
Estimated Capacity ** 10-30 20-40 40-60 60-80 80-120

Price* (US) $11,040 $11,520 $12,248 $16,128 $19,008
Airfreight* (US only) $346 $459 $611 $814 $1,084

* Price and air freight subject to change without notice. Check the Avela site for up-to-date pricing and all available options. Blower shown is not recommended; see our blower page for recommended blowers.

** Capacity is an estimated range using chair seating with either a Newtonian-2 mirror system or an Omnifocus Fisheye System. Use with center-console fisheye systems reduces seating capacity considerably. When using either system, more customers can be accomodated with floor seating.